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Reviews for Build a Better Organization

“In his new book Build a Better Organization, Kohlhepp provides the ground rules for operational effectiveness building upon how to shape a corporate culture; how to operationalise conduct; how to instill directness as a corporate character; how to avoid costly turnover; and how to lead in a way that effectively earns the trust and respect of staff”
NABARD Parivar (read the full review)

“Robert J. Kohlhepp’s new book is titled Build a Better Organization. The succinctness of the title is matched by its thesis statement-like abilities. Kohlhepp cuts through the proverbial foliage and states things in a house style that is direct and to-the-point. To summarize the core theme of his book and subsequent corporate philosophy, success isn’t just a mindset – it’s an attitude. The crux to achieving one’s actualized success lies with approach, as much as it does with what they do.”
Clay Burton, Independent Music and Arts, Inc(read the full review)

“An ideal and idealistic in certain senses example of how with hard work, the right attitude, and an ideological marriage between good ethic and innovative quality one can achieve high levels of success and even be in a position to help shape the creation of a corporate endeavor going forward for the years to come.”
Colin Jordan, Medium (read the full review)

“By explaining the daunting process of what it means to be a leader, Kohlhepp hits a literary home run. By unpacking heady concepts, he articulates the heart of the matter in its simple glory. It is, after all, very simple. Empathy in the corporate workplace is no longer a bad word.”
Garth Thomas, The Hollywood Digest (read the full review)

“Robert J. Kohlhepp’s new book is Build a Better Organization, and like any good read within the nonfiction subcategory of ‘leadership advice’ is succinct, to-the-point, and a step-by-step walkthrough that never feels overly dense, nor lacking in any necessities related to detail, examples, and analogy.”
Nicole Killian, MobYork City (read the full review)


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